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     Quattro’s enable Instrumental Liquid-Liquid, Preparative Chromatography and Extraction.. 
      Mass Scales:- Laboratory Scale of Milligrams, up to Industrial Scale of Tonnes Per Annum
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Introduction, History, Principles & Advantages of CCC; Specifications, Coil Options, Modular Upgrades, Safety & Reliability Matters, Additional Safety Options, Introducing Biphasic Solvent Choices, Key Applications, Some Quattro CCC™ Users
Process Chromatography. Be a World Leader with Quattro CPC/CCC (API’s, Cannabinoids etc.)
Introducing application of Quattro CCC™ use in NEEM Research, Structures of 7 highly complex tetranortriterpenoids in NEEM sought as targets, Existing methodology (very time consuming with poor recovery), More proof biphasic methods for one CCC design often not compatible different CCC design, (NOTE IMPLICATIONS TO MANUFACTURERS WHO USE DIFFERENT DESIGNS IN THEIR PRODUCT RANGE)(Why all QUATTRO CCC share all key CCC design parameters)(Believe competitor's propaganda at potentially your own considerable risk and cost), Quattro CCC Success using Sequential CCC & HPLC, Our new biphasic solvent system choice. Results, Approximately 100% MASS BALANCE, injected material to CCC recovery, Summary 7 pure targets achieved at 96+% purity and 95+% recovery.
Introducing application Quattro CCC™ use in Wine Research, Preliminary choice of biphasic solvent, Structures of complex, native, anthocyanins, Optimisation of biphasic solvent system and instrument parameters (NOTE RESULTS SUGGESTED IT WAS PREFERABLE TO REDUCE ROTATION SPEED FOR THIS BIPHASIC SYSTEM/APPLICATION)(Again we caution that you do not believe competitor's propaganda that HIGH "G" / Very High Speeds are always better, we also refer you to excellent text book by Dr Walter Conway, that also contests the High "G" ; high speed mantra, giving solvent systems with different speeds for optimal stationary phase retention, many of which become sub-optimal at too high a speed for certain biphasic solvent systems)(Note, University publishing this false High "G" ; high speed mantra mantra, also co-founders and shareholders in competitor pushing this false High "G" / very high speed mantra)(oops), Use step gradient and elution/extrusion, Results with online chromatographs plus off-line HPLC-MS of fractions, Industrial scale considerations, Summary
Important examples of isocratic, linear gradient, plus step gradient use utilising Quattro CCC™, (Note: In addition to slides, additional explanatory comments are available with this slide show), Applications, Polyphenols in natural products, Laboratory Scale-Up, Engine Oil Anti-Wear Agents, Polarity window concept for isocratic use with selected targets, Utilising same targets to show gradient application to extend polarity window. Comparison Quattro CCC™ to Flash Chromatography, Utilising gradient HPLC to predict generic gradient CCC biphasic strategies, Gradient applications to natural products, Further discussion linear as compared step gradients, Discussion normal and recerse phase gradients on same samples, Example gradient achieve high purity and pre-concentrating target in complex natural product, GENERIC ENGINE OIL TOTAL POLARITY SCREEN FROM 200 TO 500,000 MOLECULAR WEIGHT UTLISING GRADIENT AND AECS MOVING BELT HPLC-FID DETECTOR, AECS MOVING BELT HPLC-FID / HPLC-MS , CCC-MS DETECTOR
Application for bioactive phenylpropanoid & iridoid glycosides, Pictures early Craig & PC Inc L-LC, Gradient elution, Optimising biphasic solvent, Optimising step gradient, Results, Summary
Application for bioactive pyridine derivatives, Open tubular silica failed, Choice of CCC, Why gradient elution, Optimising biphasic solvent, Optimising step gradient utilising one of AECS's generic strategies, Additional TLC testing for partition coefficient determination, Results, Summary
A discussion comparing AECS's Flash Chromatography, HPLC and L-LC products, when should you use which alternative? Choice of chromatography methodology, Flash Chromatography, Laboratory and Process Preparative Flash Chromatography, AECS CUSTOM DESIGNS HPLC PHASES (note often we design HPLC phases etc for third parties, who then manufacture themselves, sometimes we still do synthesis, and allow others to OEM retail these unique HPLC phases), L-LC applications, AECS Moving Belt CCC/HPLC-FID Interface, also interfaces to Micro Wave Plasma and MS Detectors. (Note: AECS also custom designs instrumentation for a variety of Instrumentation Companies).
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